A powerful one-day workshop led by Internationally renowned Speaker, Author and Coach Amir Zoghi. The Fear-Less workshop is for those who have a fierce desire to grow and perform in extraordinary ways.

With a background in business and marketing, Amir specialises in human potential and this transformative workshop is designed to break through the one thing that is holding your team back from performing at their absolute peak– FEAR!

Fear. We all know it. It’s what stops you from executing the sales deal. It’s the voice that questions your leadership ability. It stops your creativity, the great ideas and the great solutions. It’s the very reason we summit to being ordinary, the very thing that keeps you colouring between the lines and not standing out from the pack.

Mastery is experienced not when one doesn’t have fear but when one understands what fear is and how to have the courage to overcome it.

How do we overcome Fear?

By coming face-to-face with it. Every great leader knows it’s only when we explore the unknown, get out of our comfort zone and push our limits that we can break through barriers.

What if we could provide you with an opportunity for your team to break through their limiting barriers in one single powerful team experience?


This is not about learning more theoretical “tools and tricks” this is experiential learning in its highest capacity. The workshop and individualised aerobatic flights provide each participant with an understanding and physical experience of breaking through the very fear that is holding them back.

The experience is powerful and the impact in your team and business is immediate. It guarantees to unlock innovation, creativity and great leadership – fast!

There is nothing else like this in the world.